Best broadheads for elk

The 8 Best Broadheads for Elk 2023

When it comes to choosing the best broadheads for elk hunting, there’s no single answer. The best choice for elk hunting depends on the size of the game, the wind conditions and weather, your distance from the target, and much more. 

Having said that, certain broadheads have stood the test of time and are extremely reliable and effective in bringing down elk cleanly and quickly.

I’ll comprehensively review some of the best broadheads for elk currently on the market. I’ve tested each one while elk hunting and can confidently attest to their effectiveness in any situation. 

Prepare to arm yourself with the knowledge to make an informed decision when choosing your next set of broadheads for elk hunting!

How To Pick The Best Broadheads For Elk Hunting?

Before settling on a specific broadhead for elk hunting, some factors should be considered. 

1. Blade Design:

You’ll want to find a broadhead with multiple cutting surfaces and blades to ensure maximum penetration. This will help you achieve the best possible shot at your target, helping you bring it down quickly and humanely.

2. Weight:

Elk have thicker hide and bone than a smaller game, so it’s important to ensure the broadhead is heavy enough to penetrate them effectively. Broadheads that are too light may not have enough power behind them to penetrate deep enough, while those that are too heavy could cause unnecessary wounding or damage to your target.

3. Durability:

You want to ensure the broadhead is built to last and can handle the rigors of Elk hunting. Look for a broadhead designed with strength in mind, as this will help ensure your shot is as accurate and reliable as possible.

4. Accuracy:

Even if you have the best gear in the world, it won’t matter much if it doesn’t hit its mark consistently. Before purchasing, read reviews on different models to know exactly what accuracy levels they offer and which ones best suit your particular needs.

Best Broadheads For Elk Hunting Reviews

As an avid elk hunter, I understand the importance of having the right equipment for a successful hunt. That’s why I’ve tried and tested a variety of broadheads over the years, and I can confidently say that these are some of the best broadheads for elk hunting.

1. Slick Trick Magnum 

Slick trick broadhead for Elk


  • Versatile – Works with crossbows, compound bows, and recurve bows.
  • Super Steel Ferrule – For maximum penetration.
  • Alcatraz blade lock system – Ensures that the blades stay securely in place on impact.
  • 125 Grain Weight & 4-Edge Tip– Delivers great accuracy and penetration.


  • They are pricier than other broadheads

The Slick Trick Magnum broadheads are a must-have for any serious hunter. With their .035 stainless blades and super steel ferrule, these broadheads are designed to deliver bone-splitting performance and precision accuracy.

One of the best features of the Slick Trick Magnum broadheads is their versatility. They work equally well with crossbows, compound bows, and recurve bows, so no matter what type of bow you use, you can rely on these broadheads to get the job done.

The blade lock system, known as Alcatraz, ensures that the blades stay securely in place on impact. With a total cut of 2 1/4″, these broadheads are perfect for taking down big games.

The 125-grain weight and 4-edge tip provide excellent accuracy and penetration, making them ideal for hunters who demand the best from their hunting equipment.

These broadheads are built to last and will deliver outstanding performance and results, no matter what type of game you’re hunting.

2. Wasp Archery Havalon HV

Wasp Archery Havlon Broadhead for Elk


  • Stainless Smart Tip – For maximum penetration.
  • Aerospace Grade Aluminum Ferrule – Improves accuracy and makes tuning easier.
  • Replaceable Blades – Easy to replace blades that stay sharp and last longer.


  • Pricey – These broadheads are one of the more expensive options on the market.

If you’re looking for a top-quality broadhead for your next elk hunting trip, then Wasp Archery Havalon HV is worth considering. These broadheads are specifically designed to deliver outstanding performance when hunting elk, making them one of the best elk broadheads on the market.

The Wasp Havalon Hv is a new fixed blade broadhead introduced in 2019 due to the collaboration between Wasp Archery and Avalon Knives. Designers and engineers from both companies worked for two years to create the ultimate broadhead with the perfect combination of strength, surgical sharpness, and precision.

The HV features a trademark Stainless Smart Tip (SST), a 100% stainless steel trocar tip designed to penetrate through the bone, hide, and anything in its way. 

The tip is pressed on under sheer force, and each blade is perfectly aligned with the edges, enhancing penetration. The broadhead boasts .35-inch thick surgically sharp stainless steel blades that combine for a 1-3/16” cutting diameter.

The HV also has an aerospace-grade aluminum ferrule that provides field point accuracy and easy tuning. The broadhead is perfect for high-speed bows, including crossbows, because it can withstand high-speed impacts. 

The blades are easily replaceable; each pack comes with three complete broadheads and six replacement blades. Overall, the Wasp Havalon HV broadhead is an excellent choice for bow hunters who need a tough, durable, and accurate broadhead that can penetrate deep and fly true.

3. G5 Outdoors Striker X

G5 Outdoors Striker


  • All-Steal Construction – Incredibly strong and durable.
  • Four Blades – Make deep, clean cuts with ease.
  • Lutz Blades – Known for their exceptional sharpness and durability.


  • No obvious cons

The G5 Outdoors Striker X is a top-notch broadhead for elk hunting that will impress even the most discerning bow hunters. One of the standout features is its all-steel construction, which makes it incredibly durable and long-lasting. You won’t have to worry about the broadhead breaking or bending during use, even if you’re targeting larger games like elk or moose.

The Striker X features four razor-sharp blades that take down your prey quickly and efficiently. With a cutting diameter of 1.25 inches, you can make deep, clean cuts that will leave your target incapacitated in no time. Additionally, the Striker X uses Lutz blades, known for their exceptional sharpness and durability.

At 100 grains, the Striker X is the perfect weight for most hunting applications. It strikes the right balance between weight and speed, allowing you to achieve optimal accuracy and power. Because the broadhead comes with multiple replacement blades, you can use it for multiple hunting trips without worrying about dull blades.

All in all, the G5 Outdoors Striker X is an excellent broadhead that delivers exceptional performance and reliability. Whether you’re a seasoned hunter or just starting, the Striker X is a great choice for easily taking down big games.

4. SEVR Titanium 1.5 Mechanical

Sevr Titanium Broadhead for Elk


  • Lock-and-Pivot Blades – Patented non-barbed blades fully contained in the ferrule and locked open on impact.
  • Practice Lock Practice Mode – Keeps blades locked, allowing you to practice with actual broadheads without dulling blades.
  • High Strength-to-Weight Ratio – Extra durable and strong, perfect for fast crossbows.


  • D2C only

SEVR Titanium 1.5 Mechanical is an outstanding choice for hunting big games like elk. It is a well-designed and high-quality broadhead that can surpass your expectations.

The Lock-and-Pivot Blades are the standout feature of SEVR Titanium 1.5 Mechanical. These unique blades are completely enclosed in the ferrule and only open up upon impact.

The SEVR Titanium 1.5 Mechanical’s Practice Lock Practice Mode is another excellent feature distinguishing it from other broadheads. It keeps blades locked, allowing for broadhead practice without dulling the blades. This is an excellent way to ensure accuracy before entering the field.

These broadheads stretch the hide while cutting, resulting in a larger wound diameter, which aids in heavier blood trails. These key features make them accurate, aerodynamic, and crossbow rated, ideal for use with the fastest crossbows, and remain closed in flight.

Overall, the SEVR Titanium 1.5 Mechanical broadhead is a top-notch option for those passionate about hunting the big game. Its unique features and high-quality design make it an excellent choice that won’t disappoint you.

5. QAD Exodus

QAD Exodus


  • Steep cutting angle and SST tip for increased penetration
  • 1 1/4″ cutting diameter and .040″ blade thickness provide a solid, clean cut
  • The compact size makes it lightweight and easy to use


  • Not field-point accurate past 50 yards

I recently had the opportunity to try out the QAD Exodus broadheads on my hunting trip, and I was thoroughly impressed. I found it among my list of the best fixed-blade broadheads for elk hunting. 

These broadheads are an excellent choice for hunters looking for a reliable, effective fixed-blade option.

One of the standout features of the QAD Exodus is the steep cutting angle and SST tip, which allows for deeper penetration and better overall performance. The 1 1/4″ cutting diameter and .040″ blade thickness also contribute to the broadhead’s effectiveness, providing a solid and clean cut on impact.

Another great aspect of the QAD Exodus is its compact size. As a super short fixed blade broadhead, it’s perfect for those who prefer a minimalist approach to their hunting gear. It’s lightweight and easy to handle, making it a breeze to set up and use.

6. Muzzy Trocar

Muzzy Trocar


  • Three vented blades for improved accuracy
  • Right offset blade design for increased downrange accuracy
  • Ultra-strong construction with indestructible Trocar tip


  • Costs more than its competitors

After using the Muzzy Trocar, I can confidently say it’s one of the most impressive fixed-blade broadheads I’ve ever used. What sets the Muzzy Trocar apart is its durability and impressive penetration power. Its three blades are vented, which can often lead to accuracy issues, but the Trocar is surprisingly accurate when properly tuned and sighted in. 

It may not be field-point accurate beyond 50 yards, but it promotes good accuracy when used correctly. But what stands out to me is the Trocar’s ultra-strong construction. The solid one-piece SS ferrule and right offset blade design improve downrange accuracy, making it a reliable option for elk hunting. 

The Trocar tip is practically indestructible, giving hunters confidence that it won’t break when it matters most. Overall, the Muzzy Trocar is a compact, reliable fixed-blade broadhead perfect for elk hunting. Its impressive penetration power and durability make it stand out from the competition, and its accuracy is surprisingly good for a vented blade design. 

7. New Archery Products DK4



  • Compact design and impressive downrange flight
  • Razor-sharp blades and pivoting main blades for maximum penetration
  • Creates massive entrance and exit wounds
  • Reasonably priced at around $30 for a 3-pack


  • Durability issues have been reported by some hunters.

I was excited to try out the New Archery Products DK4, a hybrid broadhead that combines the best of fixed and mechanical blade technology. What immediately impressed me about the DK4 was its compact design and impressive downrange flight. 

Unlike some early hybrid models, this broadhead is slim and sleek and flies exceptionally well. The blades are razor-sharp, and I appreciated how the main blades pivoted around the bone for maximum penetration.

One of the things I love most about the DK4 is how it creates massive entrance and exit wounds. This broadhead is a true powerhouse for taking down big game thanks to its 1 3/4-inch cutting diameter and mechanical bleeder blades.

Of course, like any broadhead, the DK4 isn’t perfect. Some hunters have reported durability issues, and grain discrepancies between heads can occur. However, in my experience, these issues are relatively minor and haven’t detracted from my overall satisfaction with the product.

At around $30 for a 3-pack, the DK4 isn’t the cheapest broadhead on the market, but it’s also not the most expensive. In my opinion, the hybrid design and impressive performance make it a worthwhile investment for any serious bowhunter. Overall, I highly recommend giving the New Archery Products DK4 a try.

8. Rage Hypodermic NC +P

Rage Hypodermic crossbow NC Broadhead


  • Razor-sharp .035-inch blades
  • Hybrid tip for lethal penetration
  • Accurate flight characteristics
  • No collars or O-rings needed for assembly
  • Massive exit wounds with a 1 3/4 inch cutting diameter


  • Not cost friendly

As an experienced bowhunter, I have used a variety of mechanical broadheads for elk hunting over the years, but the Rage Hypodermic NC stands out as one of the best mechanical broadheads for elk hunting. I knew it was special from the moment I first shot this broadhead.

The .035-inch thick blades are razor-sharp and look like they could have come straight out of a movie. But the real test was putting it to work on an elk hunt. I can confidently say that this broadhead did not disappoint. The Hypodermic hybrid tip is lethal, and the narrow profile and swept-back blade design drive the broadhead deep into the game.

What’s even more impressive is the accuracy of this broadhead. It flies like a field point, and I have shot it side-by-side with field points well beyond 100 yards during practice sessions. The sleek design with a cutting diameter of 1 3/4 inches creates massive exit wounds where you can put your fist.

One of the best features of this broadhead is its simplicity. Unlike other models, the Hypodermic NC doesn’t require collars or O-rings, and the blades stay contained in the ferrule until impact.

This makes it easy to use and eliminates the potential for failure in the field.

The blood trails it leaves behind are borderline silly, and the deep penetration will give you the confidence to take on even the biggest game.

How To Choose Between Different Types Of Broadheads For Elk Hunting?

When choosing the right type of broadhead for elk hunting, it’s important to consider a few factors. First, you’ll want to determine the size and weight of your arrow shaft as well as the draw length of your bow. This will help you choose a broadhead that provides enough penetration and kinetic energy when released.

You should also consider the size and type of game you plan to hunt. A heavier broadhead is typically recommended for a large game such as elk. This will help ensure it penetrates deeply enough into the animal for a humane kill. You may also want to select a broadhead with a larger cutting diameter for maximum stopping power.

Look for products constructed with quality materials and featuring reliable blade-retention systems. This will ensure that your broadheads remain effective after multiple use cycles. With all these things in mind, you can decide on the right type of broadhead for elk hunting.

Once you’ve chosen the right broadhead, practice shooting with it to ensure accuracy and proper arrow flight, this will help prepare you for successful hunting trips in the future.

Final Words on Best Broadheads for Elk

That is all for now, as there are lots of broadheads out there that can be used for elk hunting. My favorites include the New Archery Products DK4 and Rage Hypodermic NC +P, which offer large games’ most reliable performance and cutting diameter.

However, before making any decisions and investing in a new broadhead, you should consider the draw length of your bow and the type of game you plan to hunt. Considering these factors, you can choose a broadhead that will provide desired results in the field.

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on the situation. In some cases, using a herbicide before planting can help control existing weeds and improve the chances of the food mix plants establishing and growing. However, it’s important to follow the instructions on the herbicide product label and be mindful of the environmental impact. 

The ideal cutting diameter for elk hunting depends on the size and type of game you plan to hunt. Generally speaking, a larger width is recommended as it can provide more stopping power. For elk specifically, look for a broadhead with at least 1 1/16” – 1 1/8 inches in cutting diameter.

Various options range from 75 to 125 grains on the market, but the ideal weight depends heavily on the draw length of your bow and the size of the game you plan to hunt. For elk specifically, most archers recommend a broadhead with at least 100- 125 grain weight for a humane kill.

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