Ravin R500 Crossbow

Ravin R500 Crossbow: The Complete Package Review

When it comes to hunting, no one prefers anything else than a crossbow, and that’s where the Ravin R500 crossbow can make all the difference.  

As a crossbow lover, you may have heard of Ravin crossbows more than a dozen times. From manufacturing quality to crossbow design, everything about Ravin feels out of this world. This is why we have decided to review one of their latest Ravin R500 and determine whether it meets the hype or is just a disappointment. 

So, let’s waste no more time and move on to how The Ravin can be your dream crossbow.

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What’s Included In The Package? 

Here is a short list of things Ravin will provide in its crossbow package. 

  • Fully assembled Pre-Tuned R500 crossbow
  • VersaDrive Cocking System (Only the Sniper Package) 
  • HexCoil Cam System 
  • 6 x Ravin .003 R500 Arrows & Field Points (400 Grain Total) 
  • 1 x Quiver/Mounting Bracket 
  • 1 x Removable draw handle 
  • Anti-Dry Fire/Auto Safety Trigger
  • Built-in Sling Mounts
  • 100-Yard Illuminated 550 FPS Scope 

Ravin 500 Specifications

Ravin R500 Crossbow Side View
Draw Weight195 lbs
Arrow Length18″
Power Stroke13.5″
Velocity496 fps
Weight10.5 lbs
Width8″ (uncocked)/ 3.6″ (cocked)
ColorsSlate Gray

Pros I love:

  • Super fast with greater accuracy
  • Easy to hold
  • VersaDrive Cocking mechanism and Removable Draw handle

Cons I found:

  • Quite heavy from the front end
  • Not a perfect fit for the nocks
  • The price might be a little expensive
  • People might be unable to purchase extra arrows because of the nock issue


First things first, as per Ravin, it takes 17 pounds of effort to cock the Ravin crossbow. This makes the limbs approximately 300 pounds which sounds just right to us. 

Moreover, let us tell you that this crossbow’s cocking mechanism is totally different from previous models. There are no latches for releasing the strap or cocking the bow on the R500. Cocking can be stopped or started at any point without tension being applied to anything (other than the bow limbs and strings). By attaching the handle and spinning the crank oppositely, you can decock the bow.

However, the Ravin crossbow Sniper Package comes with the VersaDrive cocking system that makes your life super easy with a push of a button. 

The VersaDrive system works with a dual screw-driven system. It is controlled by an electric motor that runs on chargeable batteries. As for the charger, don’t worry; Ravin provides the charger within the box. 

Similarly, if you want to decock the crossbow, just push the button again, and that’s it. You don’t have to sweat to cock your crossbow. 


Scopes are the most important part of the crossbow, making the Ravin Crossbow R500 an even better choice for people who often have trouble aiming during their hunts. 

A skeletonized shroud protects and covers the crossbow rail, as well as the threaded rods. A 9-inch picatinny scope attaches above it with a 30mm scope. We believe the R500 is just the right option for people who want fast performance with accurate sights.

Ravin R500 Crossbow Scope

Also, remember that the scope you get also depends on the type of package you are purchasing. The basic package comes with a 100-yard illuminated scope. Featuring red or green illumination, this scope covers 30 to 100 yards.

The other premium “R500 sniper package” comes with an adjustable “Turret Scope.” Yes! The same one that was used in WWI AND WWII. Their aiming sights are always on point, which will help you take a stable shot. Obviously, we cannot compare the non-electrical scopes of the Ravin crossbow R500 with the Garmin XERO X1i or the Burris Eliminator III, which Tenpoint offers on other crossbows.


The Raving R500 has a short overall length, especially compared to other crossbows in its league. 

Featuring the bullpup design, the Ravin crossbow is 29 inches end to end and has 18 inches power stroke. Usually, the bow uses 400-grain bolts, which are 21 inches long, including the field point and nock. This proves how the R500 utilizes every inch of its length. 

Ravin R500 Crossbow Top View

As per the advertisement, the bow will be 3 ½ inches wide axle to axle when cocked. Moreover, it is 8 inches wide at its widest point uncocked. 

Though the short design might sound off, the bow was designed for hunters typically involved in large hunts and always on the go. This helps them store the bow without any problem and handle it when needed. 

Design and Weight 

As we discuss the design of the R500, let’s not forget its best feature: its reduced weight and increased power. The ravin crossbow only weighs around 10 pounds, making it an exceptional choice for novice hunters who have no experience of going to big games. It also saves your arms from stress on big hunts where you often need to stand a lot. 

With all the accessories installed, the weight may increase to 10 ½ pounds which seems acceptable. 

Ravin R500 Crossbow Design

Moreover, the Ravin R500 features the latest HexCoil Cam System, which can rotate 360 degrees and allows the bow to be cocked at 3.6 inches, which is less compared with the other crossbows.

Remember that the older Ravin crossbows could only rotate their cam to 340 degrees. This also helps you save strength and avoid strain while cocking the crossbow. 

And finally, aesthetics, we think the Ravin crossbow has a futuristic look paired with its narrow design. The only color option is slate gray, but it looks absolutely stunning! After all, no other brand provides such an impressive design at this price point. 


With all the features and little things now discussed you might be thinking that the Ravin crossbow will make your day by utilizing all its power. 

But wait!

No doubt, the Ravin R500 is a remarkable crossbow.

However, it is also worth noting that there are no broadheads in the box. Sadly, customers will have to purchase these broadheads independently. This can be a serious issue as broadheads supporting this shooting speed are quite rare nowadays. 

After doing some homework, we’ve found broadheads like the Sevr 1.5 Titanium mechanical or Ravin Titanium broadhead, as they support the firing speed of this crossbow. 

Moreover, the company has also claimed that the fps speed of this Ravin Crossbow will break the 500-fps mark, and it will also be the first crossbow to do that. And since the crossbow has a 15-inch power stroke with 222 FT-LBS of kinetic energy, achieving that speed shouldn’t be too difficult. 

After testing and shooting some shots with the Ravin crossbow, the shots hit very closely with increased accuracy. Beginners and experienced hunters can opt for this crossbow as the firing pattern is powerful but controllable. 

Discussing my personal favorite part, the turret scope. It wouldn’t be wrong to claim that a turret scope paired with an R500 was the perfect idea.

There were no aim errors because this turret scope’s accuracy is out of this world. 

Finally, after testing the crossbow for a whole day, the battery was a real pain as it only ended after 36 shots. We had to manually cock the crossbow after that, which required some force.  

But hey! There are tiny drawbacks everywhere.

If you plan to hunt all day long, it is recommended to bring an extra battery, and things should run smoothly.

Additional Recommended Accessories 

There are a lot of things that Ravin already provides in the crossbow package. But let’s be honest here. 

It is almost impossible to handle such a strong crossbow without buying any additional upgrades.  So, to make your research easy, here are some additional items you might need while hunting with the Ravin R500 


Ravin mostly includes the .003 arrows and field points within the R500 package, especially for their audience who don’t want to spend extra hours shopping but there are no broadheads.

Ravin R20 Arrows


As mentioned earlier, because of the super-fast speed of the Ravin R500, there are a few broadheads that can make it up. This is why we recommend Thorn Rift 2.2 expandable broadheads that will work splendidly with the crossbow. 

Thorn RIFT Expandable Broadhead

Moreover, if your chemistry doesn’t work out well with the Thorn, you can also try out the Ravin Titanium broadhead, which will meet the crossbow’s standards. 

Ravin Titanium Broadhead

Special Targets 

If you don’t want your targets to be split into pieces with the power and speed of the Ravin R500, it is recommended to get an additional target for the practicing routines. 

We will recommend you the Big Shot Iron Man Extreme 500 target. It is made from high materials that can resist the arrows very well and is rated for crossbows with a shooting speed of 500 fps. 

BIGSHOT Iron Man Extreme 500 fps Target

Extra Case 

Getting an extra case for your crossbow wouldn’t be a bad idea if the seller verifies it. You can use the Ravin Hard Case R10/R20 or the Ravin Soft Case R26/29/29X, the perfect fit for the Ravin 500.  

Ravin R20 Case

However, if you cannot find a perfect match for your crossbow, we recommend you only use the one the manufacturer offers. Using the official case will guarantee you a proper fit, a protected crossbow, and the best security. 

Ravin Soft Case

Why choose R500? 

There are dozens of reasons to choose the R500 as your dream crossbow because of its amazing features except the price point.

Honestly, we also think that the R500 can be an expensive option, especially for beginners. 

But, just because of price, you cannot deny the following amazing aspects of the R500.

Easy To Carry

The Ravin R500 is one of the most durable and easy to carry crossbows you can get on the market. Since the company already provides the crossbow’s case, you can easily carry the crossbow without acting like a cowboy with a crossbow on his shoulder. 

Moreover, the R500 only weighs around 7 pounds, which isn’t hard to carry and insanely powerful when it comes to hunting. 


The Ravin R500 has a record-breaking 496fps speed with the base model. 

Though 500fps might sound normal in terms of reading but only experienced hunters can tell what a great advantage it gives you when going for big hunts. 

Weight To Power Ratio 

The reason that makes this crossbow our personal favourite is because of its amazing weight-to-power ratio. 

You must have witnessed that other brands in the same category provide heavier and underpowered crossbows. However, Ravin has decided to come up with an exceptional pick that delivers more power and is lighter on the hands. 

So, wait no more; head to their store and purchase this amazing crossbow. 

Final Words 

Our Rating of the Killer Instinct Fatal X Crossbow






Final Rating

There you have it; the review of the latest Ravin R500. 

With that being said, let us move on to some final words of wisdom to help you make a more decent choice. 

Know that the Ravin R500 is more of an experienced hunter’s choice rather than a beginner one. 

Does this mean beginners can’t use it? 

Totally NO! The R500 is an easy-to-maneuver crossbow that will help you in your hunting experiences.

But since many hunters don’t opt for big hunts, getting a crossbow destined to prey on larger animals won’t be an amazing idea anyway.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Ravin crossbow is an exceptionally fast crossbow with a record-breaking speed of 500fps (claimed by Ravin). However, there aren’t many confirmed reports that the crossbow will cross this mark with each shot. According to our experience, the crossbow  

Hunters planning to go for the big hunt should definitely opt for this as its speed and easy maneuverability will help them with their hunting experiences. 

Pretty much, Yes! 

The Ravin crossbow is one of its kind. As per Ravin the crossbow can easily exceed the shooting speed of 500 feet per second and will be the first one to ever do so.

However, the speed also depends on numerous other factors which should be kept in mind when shooting.

Shortly Explained, Yes!  

However, if this answer doesn’t satisfy you, there is no need to feel panicked. Open the book of your state’s rules and regulations and read the relevant section.

No, not at all. 

The Ravin crossbow isn’t heavy because it was designed with the portability section in mind. Buyers can easily opt for this crossbow without worrying about its weight, as it only weighs 7 pounds.


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