CenterPoint Wrath 430 Crossbow Review

CenterPoint Wrath 430 Crossbow Review

If you’re in the market for a high-quality crossbow, you’ve probably come across the CenterPoint Wrath 430 Crossbow. This crossbow promises to deliver exceptional performance, accuracy, and durability. The traits make it a top choice for hunters and archery enthusiasts. 

However, with so many options available, it can be difficult to determine whether the CenterPoint Wrath 430 is right for you. We’ve spent hours testing and analyzing this crossbow, taking note of its features, advantages, and drawbacks. 

We’re committed to providing an unbiased analysis of the CenterPoint Wrath 430. So Let’s dive in.

CenterPoint Wrath 430 Crossbow Specs

CenterPoint Wrath 430
Draw Weight200 lbs
Arrow Length20”
Power Stroke15″
Velocity430 FPS (feet per second)
Weight8.3 pounds
Width13″ (uncocked)/ 9″ (cocked)

Pros I love:

  • Compact and Comfortable
  • Reasonably priced
  • Fast and powerful bolt speeds
  • Speed Greater than 400 fps
  • Accurate
  • Foregrip is adjustable

Cons I found:

  • The actual speed rating is near 407 fps
  • The front end is a bit heavy

Size and Weight

The CenterPoint Wrath 430 Crossbow is a compact, lightweight crossbow. It measures just 28.26 inches long, 13 inches wide uncocked, and 9 inches wide when cocked. This makes it easy to maneuver in tight spaces and carry around for extended periods of time.

During our testing, we found that the crossbow’s lightweight design made it feel front-heavy. However, this was easily countered by adjusting the foregrip to the front. We didn’t find this to hinder our performance, and we quickly got used to the weight distribution. 

Despite its powerful performance, this crossbow weighs just over 9 pounds when fully assembled. This is relatively lightweight for a crossbow of this size and power. 

Design and Construction

The CenterPoint Wrath 430 crossbow has an impressive design and construction, making it a top crossbow market contender. One notable feature of this crossbow is its compact design 

Wicked Ridge Invader Top View

The stock of the crossbow is made of lightweight materials, which helps to reduce the overall weight of the crossbow. The crossbow manufacturers used heavy-duty materials to construct the limbs. It enables the crossbow to shoot arrows at 430 feet per second with the necessary power. 

Combining these materials gives the crossbow a front-heavy feel that will take you some time. To minimize noise and string vibrations, CenterPoint includes rail-mounted string stops.

CenterPoint Wrath 430 Limb Dampners

These stops reduce noise and string vibrations, making the crossbow more enjoyable to shoot. This feature is particularly important for hunters who must remain undetected in the field.

Speed and Arrows, Quiver

Speed is a key feature of the Wrath 430, which is advertised as being able to shoot up to 430 feet per second. While our tests showed that the actual speed was slightly lower, at 410-413 feet per second, with the factory 400-grain arrows, it’s still very impressive.

The CenterPoint Wrath 430 has six 400-grain arrows that perfectly match the crossbow’s power and speed. High-quality materials make these arrows durable and accurate shot after shot.

You’ll need to use lighter arrows to achieve the full 430 feet per second speed, but we recommend sticking with the heavier arrows for deeper penetration and better results.

The quiver is an essential accessory for any crossbow hunter or shooter, and this crossbow doesn’t disappoint. It comes with a sturdy quiver that holds 3 arrows and attaches easily to the crossbow. This ensures that your arrows are always within reach and securely in place, preventing mishaps during transport or use.


The included scope with Centerpoint Wrath 430 is a basic 4x32mm illuminated scope with aiming points up to 50 yards. While this scope is functional, we would have preferred a scope with a longer range to match the impressive 430 feet per second speed rating of the crossbow.

With that said, this scope is still a good choice for beginner hunters or shooters who may only need a scope with a short range. It’s also worth noting that the scope has both green and red illumination settings. These settings make it easier to see your target in different lighting conditions.

In this price bracket, we weren’t expecting anything more than a scope with these specifications. However, investing in a higher-quality scope may be worthwhile for more experienced hunters or shooters who may need a longer-range scope.


The trigger of the CenterPoint Wrath 430 crossbow is a critical component to consider. With a trigger pull weight of 3.5 pounds, it balances between being easy to use and providing enough resistance for accuracy. 

This means that you can easily and comfortably fire the crossbow without sacrificing accuracy. Additionally, the crossbow is equipped with an anti-dry-fire (ADF) feature, which is crucial for safety. 

This feature prevents the crossbow from being fired without a loaded arrow.  This protects the crossbow and the shooter from potential harm.


Assembling a crossbow can be a difficult job, especially for those who are new to the sport. However, the CenterPoint Wrath 430 crossbow is designed to assemble easily, even for beginners.

The crossbow comes with detailed instructions and all the necessary hardware for assembly. The instructions are easy to follow, and the hardware is organized and clearly labeled, making the process much smoother.

In fact, it takes 30 minutes to assemble the crossbow fully. Once it is assembled, it is ready to be used for hunting or target shooting.

Here’s an exclusive video that can help you assemble the package:

YouTube video


The CenterPoint Wrath 430 crossbow is not only a powerful and accurate crossbow, but it also boasts a sleek and stylish design. The black and silver finish gives the crossbow a modern and sophisticated look, and the design of the stock and limbs is both sleek and functional.  

The attention to detail in the design of this crossbow demonstrates that both form and function were taken into consideration in its creation. This resulted in a product that performs well and looks great.

Stock and Limbs

The stock and limbs of the crossbow are designed to be both durable and high-performing. The fiberglass composite limbs are lightweight. These are built to withstand the high levels of stress and force that come with firing a crossbow. 

The stock comprises high-quality composite materials with a tactical-style buttstock. It also has an adjustable cheek rest for maximum comfort and grip. Some shooters report issues with the limbs of the CenterPoint Wrath 430 that it separates after repeated use. 

While the issue of the limbs separating is a concern, it should not overshadow the overall quality of the crossbow. 


Upon using the CenterPoint Wrath 430 crossbow, we observed some Centerpoint wrath 430 problems. It has a front-heavy design which may take some time to get used to. However, we found that this issue can be minimized by adjusting the foregrip and using the folding stirrup. It’s important to note that the folding stirrup may only be suitable for some hunting situations.

Once we sighted in the scope and got comfortable with the crossbow, we were able to achieve very tight groups, even at 50-yard distances. The overall performance was impressive, and we had no major issues during our testing.

In terms of value for money, it offers a lot of features for its price point. While there are some minor issues, such as the front-heavy design and the basic scope and the limb, the overall performance and quality of the crossbow make it a worthwhile investment for both beginner and experienced hunters alike.

YouTube video

Recommended Accessories

To further enhance the shooting experience and optimize the performance of the CenterPoint Wrath 430 crossbow, various accessories are available on the market. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned hunter, adding the right accessories to your setup can make a significant difference. From scopes and quivers to slings and broadheads, there is plenty of options to choose from. 


We suggest considering heavier arrows like the REEGOX Bio for those who want to maximize kinetic energy and penetration.

Reegox Crossbow Bolts

On the other hand, for those who prioritize speed, lighter options like the Barnett Headhunter Outdoors can be a good choice. 

It is important to note that the choice of arrow weight should be based on personal preference and shooting needs. 


Since the Centerpoint wrath 430 shoots at greater than 400 fps, we recommend using Rage Crossbow X as your broadhead choice. The Rage Crossbow X has a sturdy and sharp blade design that ensures proper penetration and optimal blood loss. 

Rage X Crossbow Broadhead

Another recommended broadhead is the G5 Outdoors Montec Crossbow broadhead. The durable stainless steel construction and effective design make it a simple but reliable tool. The G5 Montec guarantees quick and humane kills. 

G5 Outdoors Montec


CenterPoint has launched a new crossbow case, called the “hybrid” case, which is tailor-made to fit the CenterPoint Wrath 430. This case is constructed to safeguard your crossbow during transportation and storage. It features a durable, waterproof shell and foam inserts that can be customized to ensure a secure fit. 

CenterPoint Hybrid Case

Furthermore, this case provides adequate storage space for accessories like arrows, broadheads, and a quiver, making it a practical all-in-one solution for hunters and shooters who are always on the move.


To make things easier, we recommend investing in a sling that can be attached to your crossbow. This will allow you to carry your crossbow on your shoulder, leaving your hands free for other gear. 

A good option on the market is Tenpoint Neoprene Crossbow Sling. It is comfortable and adjustable, and it is made from durable materials that can withstand the weight of your crossbow. 

Tenpoint Crossbow Sling

Final Rating

Our Rating of the CenterPoint Wrath 430 Crossbow






Final Rating

The CenterPoint Wrath 430 is an impressive crossbow that offers many features for its price point. It has a solid construction, comfortable grip, and powerful draw weight, making it a great option for beginners and experienced shooters.

One thing that stands out about the Wrath 430 is its adjustable foregrip and stock, allowing a customizable shooting experience. The crossbow also comes with various accessories, including scope and quiver, which is a nice touch.

In terms of performance, the Wrath 430 shoots accurately and consistently, even at longer distances. While the speed ratings are lower than advertised, the crossbow still packs a punch and can take down most games.

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