What Does Deer Poop Look Like

What Does Deer Poop Look Like?

What does deer poop look like is one of the main questions of interest for hunters and wildlife enthusiasts alike.  You will be amazed to know that deer scats look like rounded black bullets that closely resemble raisins. This article addresses some of the major features and everything you need to know about what deer poop looks like. Read on further to know about it.

Deer Poop

Features of Deer Poop

As mentioned above, deer poop is somewhat similar to raisins and appears as pellets; some other classical features will also help you analyze it. 

Unlike humans deer don’t have a similar type of feces excreted; rather it is more different, unique, and unusual.

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Poop is also called deer droppings. Collectively almost all the deers have a similar kind of feces extracted and the dimensions are also somewhat alike. 

When zoologists or even normal people like you notice deer poop, it hardly ranges from 0.22 to half an inch in overall diameter.

There might be cases where the pellets may appear larger and even longer than usual. The overall size and dimension of a deer scat are suggestive of its diet and can play a very important role in analyzing the nutrition and food consumption of the deer. 

An active and healthy deer would likely produce bigger and longer deer droppings than those with low consumption or poor diet. 

Structural Anatomy

When it comes to the anatomy and shape of the deer droppings, there are collectively two types of shapes: the smaller and large ones. You will witness that the smaller the droppings the more rounded they feel and the larger deer droppings would look more like a bullet. 

When the shape of the deer feces is analyzed, it gives a clear indication of the food intake and even the season the food is consumed in.

During hot summers their droppings are huge and long, however, in cases of winter the scats may appear more profound round pellets because of the limited food resources. Deers would normally feed on tree trunks, barks, and grass in winter since it is the most easily accessible form of food resource for them. 

Color of Deer Poop

Let’s move on to the most interesting part of this topic! When people want to know what deer Poop looks like, they mostly refer to the color.

According to zoologists deer poop is mostly greenish and somewhat dark brown in color for at times you will be able to witness the raisins appear more black.

Sometimes the colors can also say about the diet consumption of the deer. The greener the poop looks, the more plant material the deer has consumed.

When you notice the poop appears brown, it strongly implies that the deer has taken some other means of diet such as the basic fruits, Mushrooms, or dried nuts.


The texture of the poop is directly proportional to the time it has been left over. For instance, if the feces is fresh or has just been excreted then it will appear more shiny, glossy, and soft to the touch. This does not mean you grab the remnants in your hand and start exploring! It is just for your information.

On the other hand, if the deer scat looks dry, and dusty and shows a shrunken appearance it is suggestive of the poop being left for long.

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Identification Points

If you are one who enjoys adventures and is fond of hunting deer then there is one thing that will make your deer hunting easy and fun to approach. Deers and similar species often stay somewhere closer to where they have pooped. The remains of their scats are a well-known method for hunting and also a welcoming attack for their predators. 

Thickness and Consistency

Deer droppings are mostly rock hard and are not easily smashed when accidentally come under the foot. 

Are deer scats harmful?

When it comes to questions about the harm of excreted material be it of a human or an animal, the answer is always yes. 

Humans are more likely to get affected by the remnants of deer droppings because of low-grade immunity. According to researchers, the solid feces of a deer encompasses some very uncertain bacteria and parasites that are contributing factors to a disease called Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD).  

Based on the evidence of previous studies, there was about a 30 percent raise in the prevalence of CWD in selective areas across the globe especially due to the remains of deer poops. 

What can be the effective uses of deer poops?

Do you know that Deer droppings can be a means of various benefits? Sounds very unlikely right?

Deer poop has been taken into account for variable reasons and uses such as : 


Where in many parts of the world especially in rural areas, cow dung is used as a fertilizer, deer droppings can also share the purpose. The presence of certain minerals and decayed fiber can be a source of fertilizers. The nutrients present in the scat provide ample room for the growth of the soil and its nourishment.

Easy hunting 

When you are all set to hunt deer for a feasting night, you need to be very keen and focus on the identification points that can relate to the existence of the deer nearby.

Deer droppings can help hunters show their presence around. The fresher the poop looks, the easier it is to analyze the location of the deer. 

These droppings can also be used for their scents and attract other deer in your desired area of target.

Animal Droppings that can be Mistaken for Deer Poop


Rabbits have been found to show similar poop pellets to deer. However, studies and research are still ongoing to see who else’s feces are alike. The best way to differentiate deer scats from other animal poop is to look for their texture, color, and shape. 

Let’s move on to some other animals also whose scats and feces are a lot more similar to that of deer.


Animals that are carnivores, those who hunt other animals for their meals, include:

  • Raccoons
  • Bears 
  • Foxes 
  • Bobcats  

They all excrete solid masses that closely resemble deer scats. 


Certain mammals, such as goats, also have feces that are somewhat similar to those like deer. The texture and color is so similar that you will hardly be able to distinguish whether the droppings are of a goat or a deer. 

Final Words on Deer Poop

Now that you know what a deer poop looks like, you are all set for a very classical hunting adventure. The specifications and properties of a deer’s scat will help you target deer for hunting very easily. Moreover, if you are a new zoologist on board then knowing about the various types of animal remains for a study purpose can be quite beneficial. 

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