PSE Fang HD Crossbow Review

PSE Fang HD Package Review – Budget 405 FPS Crossbow!

All the hunters, including the professional ones, have a soft spot for PSE crossbows. If it makes you ponder WHY? There’s a simple reason for this: quality and excellence. 

In addition to this, their latest product, the PSE Fang HD, is also making a lot of noise, which is what makes many beginners think about whether it will be the best for starting their new hunting venture.

However, Most crossbows, especially on a low budget, have some drawbacks along with their pros. One can only understand them once he fully knows what he is buying.  So, without further ado, let’s move on to the detailed review of PSE Fang and its hype.

Packaged Contents

  • Three carbon bolts with bullet points 
  • HDV 425 1.5-5X32 variable zoom illuminated reticle scope 
  • 5-bolt quiver 
  • Foot stirrup 
  • Replacement bolts
  • Limb dampeners 
  • String silencers 
  • Dual–string stops  
  • Anti-Dry Fire & Auto Safety Trigger
  • Adjustable buttstock 
  • Cocking rope 

PSE Fang HD Crossbow Specs

PSE Fang HD Crossbow
Draw Weight205 lbs
Arrow Length20”
Power Stroke14.5″
Velocity405 FPS
Weight7.3 pounds
Width18″ (uncocked)/ 14″ (cocked)

Pros I love:

  • Great Price to Performance Value
  • Adjustable stock
  • 405 fps for taking down big game
  • Comes with a complete package
  • Accurate

Cons I found:

  • Included bolts could be better
  • Draw weight might be more for beginners, but the cranking cock improves the situation


The bow’s kinetic energy helps you make a walloping blow and bring your target down instantly. Similarly, the PSE fang can shoot the bolts with huge force even when it doesn’t have huge dimensions comparatively.  

The crossbow can easily shoot between 350 and 405 fps depending on the test projectile you will be using. This test was done with a grain above 400. With ranges, you can expect the same for a distance of 99 and 105ft. 

Furthermore, we’ve all seen that exquisite scope on top of the bow, right? Luckily, even a bow this much affordable does support night vision and is suited for big games with a stroke of 14.5. 

Cocking System 

We can easily label this bow as “safe for beginners” because the rope draw cocking system is one of a kind. There is no need for firing a shot to de cock it. It requires 205 pounds to cock. Though this may sound too much, you might start losing energy in the last couple of inches. They last inches are tougher than the starting ones.  

However, the PSE fang’s HD package comes with a detachable cocking crank that allows the user to pull it back with less force than normal crossbows. This can greatly help people who aren’t interested in sweating themselves. 


What usually attracts most of the hunters, even the experienced class, is design. Talking about the PSE Fang, the bow has some nice bullpup configurations where the pistol grip and trigger are placed a little further away. This is so that most of the crossbow’s weight won’t affect the front but the back side of the hunter’s shoulder.  

This helps you maintain a stable firing position and won’t make you look tired any sooner. Furthermore, you can also easily hold the crossbow longer as it doesn’t weigh much. To add up, even the crossbow stock is leaned at the front, which serves the same purpose. 

Here’s a video to help you see the detailed look of the PSE Fang HD:

YouTube video

Aiming And Accuracy

Let us first tell you that the PSE fang comes with an amazing scope that can be used for more than just sightseeing. There are dual string stops that are being provided with the standard model and the HD package. 

Yes! Though this may sound unreal, the fact that PSE is providing premium features on low-budget crossbows is quite a relief. Another point worth looking at is the width of the crossbow. 

Technically, when you cock the crossbow, it will be relatively narrower. The front grip helps by acting as a thumb guard and keeping the finger rail clean. Moreover, if this doesn’t help, try adjusting the grip according to your preference. 

Just remember to keep the scope aligned and watch how the scope improves the accuracy of your shots. 

Arrow Compatibility 

Some hunters often use different kinds of broadheads, thinking this may maximize their effect on shots. However, you should remember that spending too much isn’t a good idea if your maximum day will be spent practicing or shooting at the range. 

This is because the arrows that arrive with the broadhead are enough for this sole purpose. Given the power of this crossbow, you shouldn’t pressurize things too much. Arrows should only be upgraded when you are going for a big game or planning to activate the hidden pro mode. 


Like many other hunting crossbows, the PSE Fang isn’t pre-assembled in the box. You might need to figure out the placement of some parts and their correct destinations. So, proper research is recommended beforehand. 

However, there are some benefits to the HD package. If you are completely new in this field, there is a user manual or a beginner’s guide within the PSE fang’s HD package that may help you set up the crossbow. 


You cannot master the crossbow without knowing your weight limits, so it is important to know the weight of the fang before you order it. 

The PSE Fang weighs 7.3 pounds, which seems fine for someone planning to become a hunter. As per our experiences, even a lot of ladies or little kids can easily cock it while holding, so this shouldn’t be much of a problem. 

The overall length is 35.5 inches and has a width of 18 inches. Once you have cocked the crossbow, then this length might be reduced to 14 inches. 


We would recommend the PSE fang to anybody who has just stepped into the world of crossbow hunting. Thinking why? 

Well, because it is a great option for new hunters and helps them learn properly. The pass-through shots will work splendidly even when you aren’t such a master with handling. Moreover, with the lightweight and slim design, hunters can easily carry them through tighter quarters than their other brothers. 

With all of this, finally, those powerful shots matched with the box arrows, we would label the PSE fang as a dream crossbow for beginners and a nightmare for the hunt. 


The PSE fang has an HDV 425 1.5-5X32 variable zoom illuminated reticle scope that can be a dream come true for new hunters. Undoubtedly, there are zero questions about the scope’s accuracy because one cannot think of better in such a budget. 

Moreover, it has night vision which won’t let you go blind when the darkness prevails everywhere. The only thing we noticed is that there is no fisheye, and the glass is crystal clear. This may sound disappointing, but as mentioned before, it’s a low-end crossbow. You cannot expect extraordinary things here. 

Final Words

Our Rating of the PSE Fang HD Crossbow






Final Rating

So, there you have the complete review of the PSE fang crossbow. However, there are some important points that you should consider before purchasing. 

Undoubtedly, the PSE fang is a very accurate and powerful crossbow for its price. But one should always remember that the crossbow might have some cons and the pros explained. The fang is currently the best in this price range, so avoid getting bankrupt by spending unnecessarily. 

Once you have mastered the techniques, you have lots of wallets to spend upgrading arrows, shifts, and finally, the crossbow.  

Happy Hunting! 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Ought to maintain a crossbow in good working condition? Always remember to clean the crossbow regularly. You can start by lubricating the strings and cables. Also, check the limbs and bolts for damage; if there is such a problem, simply replace them. Try storing the crossbow in a cool/dry place, which will last many more years. 

PSE Crossbows are known for their accuracy because of their high-quality materials and components. The crossbow’s design also plays a significant role in accuracy, with many PSE models featuring advanced technologies like anti-dry fire systems and adjustable buttstocks that help reduce recoil and improve accuracy. 

There are many types of PSE crossbows, each designed for specific types of hunting and shooting. The PSE Fang Series is a popular choice for beginners and experienced hunters, while the PSE Coalition Series is ideal for target and precision shooting. The PSE Thrive Series is designed for hunters who want a high-performance crossbow that is easy to use and maintain. 

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