Bear Archery X Trek 380 Crossbow Review

Bear Archery X Trek 380 Crossbow Package Review

Bear archery X Trek 380 crossbow is a perfect ingredient for your hunting adventure and will add an immense thrill to your experience. If you’re looking for something on a low budget yet with utmost performance, then the bear X trek 380 crossbow is a one-stop solution and can promise you a very terrific and memorable hunting experience. 

 If you want to learn about the bear X-trek crossbow, here is a review and some basic specifications about it that will help you learn about it better. Stay tuned and read forward.

How is the Bear X-Trek 380 Crossbow Packed? 

Bear X-trek 380 crossbow is enclosed in a very safe package and is already assembled by the manufacturer; you just need to dislodge it from the box packing and use it directly. Sounds easy, right?

 Here is a closer look at what you can find in the complete box package: 

  • 4×32 scope with Universal crosshair reticle
  • A 5-arrow quiver
  • 3 x 20-inch 370-grain carbon bolts
  • Cocking rope
  • String wax

Bear Archery X Trek 380 Specs

Let us move forward toward the major part of the bear archery X-trek 380 crossbow review and its specifications. 

Bear Archery X Trek 380 Crossbow
Draw Weight185 lbs
Arrow Length20″
Power Stroke13.25″
Velocity380 FPS
Weight7.5 lbs
Width18″ (uncocked)/ 16″ (cocked)

Pros I love:

  • Great Value
  • Lightweight and easily maneuverable
  • 405 fps for taking down big game
  • Good for new hunters
  • Accurate and Durable

Cons I found:

  • Doesn’t come with a case
  • Good Trigger system but not as advanced as high end crossbows

Design and fabrication

The reason why the bear archery X-trek 380 crossbow is so successful is because of its outstanding design and the strong and strengthening material used in its fabrication. 

It Is a solid component, and it’s very well-built. The crossbow measures around 37 inches following its axle-to-axle, and the width ranges between 16 (cocked) and 18 inches (uncocked).

The best part about Its fabrication and design is this crossbow is portable and light to carry and is only around 7.5 pounds. Unlike the other crossbow devices, it is not heavy on your shoulder and is very long-lasting.

You can add a spark to your hunting and shooting using its phenomenal property of enhanced front control and well-maintained balance.

Arrows and Acceleration  

The X trek 380 crossbow never fails to amaze its users with its speed and acceleration. The arrow can travel at a speed of 380 fps. The arrow has the strength to pierce and break through the toughest of skins of your prey.


This latest crossbow has an optic panel to visualize and aim targets. Its functioning optic eyelids have a magnification of 4×32. You can now aim and hit your target more precisely and accurately than ever!  


The reason why the bear archery X trek 380 crossbow is one of the best sellers is that it comes assembled in the packaging.

You don’t have to waste hours and hours on the Internet looking for its assembly videos and brainstorming yourself. All you need to do is open the box, and you are ready to hunt and set for your flight. 

Bear Archery X Trek 380 Crossbow Side View


There is no doubt about the performance of the bear X-trek 380 crossbow since it comes with a very high power stroke, and the arrow directly hits the target with an intense speed of 380 FPS. 

Despite having an optimum weight, this device is sturdy. The crossbow is tested for its speed multiple times before it is launched in the market. 

Here’s a video to let you know more about this crossbow:

YouTube video


Want to learn something more exciting about this crossbow? 

The bear archery X- trek 380 crossbow review is incomplete without knowing what accessories can suit it the best.


The best bolts you can use with this crossbow are the Truex Crossbow Bolts from Bear Archery which weigh only 370 grams.

Truex Crossbow Bolts by Bear Archery

To retain the warranty, Alpha nocks, and Truex nocks should be used with these bolts. According to my experience, Truex knocks are better if you want to achieve a fine quality and a smooth experience. 


You can enrich your cutting experience by pairing the arrows with rage X crossbow broadheads. It pierces up deep down to anything that comes in contact. 

Rage Crossbow X

Storage and Portability 

Unlike the other crossbows, this crossbow is not spacious and will only take up a minimum of the storage area in your closet.

If you want to keep it safe, then it is better to purchase a crossbow case so that you can prevent it from external dust particles and rust. 

 Its transportation is also very easy since it comes with a back strap that easily fixes up around your shoulders and is not heavy on your back. 

Final Verdict

Our Rating of the Bear Archery X Trek 380 Crossbow Package






Final Rating

To sum up, The beer X trek 380 crossbow never fails to show its performance to its users. It is full of amazement and gears up a mode of excitement for the users, and enhances their hunting experiences. It has been rated four stars based on customer reviews and the experiences of previous buyers. 

It comes at a very affordable price, and the parts are well manufactured without any faults or shortcomings. So, grab your bear archery X-trek 380 crossbow and set off for the next adventure!

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