Best Turkey Broadheads

Best Turkey Broadheads to Grab Your Gobbler In 2023

 As a seasoned hunter, it is essential to know that the key to a successful hunt lies in the details and preparation. That’s why you must choose the best turkey broadheads to help you make the most of your time in the field. 

Here’s the thing, not everyone knows the importance of choosing the right broadhead. It’s a secret that only the elite hunters understand. So, let us share some insider information with you. The right broadhead can help you penetrate the turkey’s tough skin, create a large wound channel, and bring the bird down quickly.  

So, let’s waste no more time and move on to our list of the 7 best Turkey Broadheads for 2023, but before that, let us discuss some of the key features of a good turkey broadhead. 

Our Top Picks

Broadhead Model Blades Cutting Diameter Price
nat-spit-fire-gobbler-getter NAP Spitfire Gobbler Getter  3 1-1/2″
Check Price on Amazon
magnus-bullhead-3 Magnus Bullhead 3 3 3-3/4″
Check Price on Amazon
nat-spitfire-4 NAP Spitfire Double Cross  4 2 Check Price on Amazon

Features of Good Turkey Broadheads 

Before moving onto our List of best Turkey broadheads, let me explain some features of a decent Turkey Broadhead which is worth purchasing. 

  1. Blade Material

Turkey broadheads are typically made of either steel or carbon, both of which are durable and can withstand the force of being shot from a bow. 

  1. Blade Size and Shape

 A broad, flat blade is ideal for turkey hunting as it will create a large wound channel and maximize damage. Broadheads with multiple cutting edges that increase the size of the wound channel are always a great option. 

  1. Cutting Diameter

 A larger cutting diameter will increase the damage done to the bird, making it easier to bring it down.  

  1. Durability

 Turkey broadheads can hit bones and other obstacles, so try choosing something which isn’t made of bad material at least. 

  1. Accuracy

 A broadhead that flies accurately will increase the chances of a successful hunt. Broadheads that have good aerodynamics will always be more accurate. 

  1. Weight

Check the weight of the broadhead when choosing the right one for your bow. Heavier broadheads will travel faster, but lighter ones will be more accurate. It all depends on the bow you are using. 

That said, here is our list of 7 Best Turkey Broadheads. 

Best Turkey Broadheads 

NAP Spitfire Gobbler Getter 

NAT Spit Fire Gobbler Getter


  • Attractive Design 
  • Decently Priced
  • Portable


  • Might not be as much as powerful comparatively 

Product Description 

The NAP Spitfire Gobbler Getter is a great turkey broadhead for getting your kill. This lightweight broadhead is made from high-quality materials and features 3 x 0.03″ thick Diamize blades that deliver a 1.5″ cutting diameter.

What makes it unique is that It has a dull tip which is termed the “Turkey tip” and is made so as to deliver maximum blunt trauma when it hits the target. The blunted tip crushes bone on entry and slows penetration to give enough shock to get your targets off their feet.

The Gobbler Getter is available in 100 and 125-grain varieties. The blades are extremely sharp just like the original version of Spitfire and are held together via a snap-lock blade retention system so you don’t have to worry about the rubber bands.

Magnus Bullhead 3 Blade Broadhead 

Magnus Bullhead 3 Blade Broadhead 


  • Excellent for small game
  • Exceptionally large cutting diameter
  • Sharp and solid blades
  • Lifetime guarantee


  • Might be expensive for beginners 
  • Not too easy to handle

Product Details:

Just like its name, this is nothing less than a complete Bullhead. The Magnus Bullhead 3 Blade Broadhead was destined to meet serious hunters who love to go hardcore mode with head or neck kill shots

There are three razor-sharp blades right in the front, delivering a superior blow to even the toughest of birds. It comes in two-grain varieties i.e. 100 and 125 ones. The 100-grain variety delivers a 2.75″ cutting diameter on contact while the 125-grain leaves a 3.75″ mark.

The aluminum screw-in ferrule provides great durability and holds the blade well to take down even other small games besides turkeys.

The blades are large and won’t fit in your standard quiver. However, Magnus makes an adapter to shield the blades to help protect yourself from the pointy blades. Additionally, Magnus also offers a lifetime guarantee for their product.

Magnus bullhead adapter shield

NAP Spitfire Double Cross 

Nat Spitfire 4


  • Best for big hunting games
  • Exceptional quality 
  • Durable


  • Not beginner friendly 
  • Can be a little bit costly 

Product Description 

A little more expensive than its little brother, but all the money is worth it. NAP Spitfire Double Cross is a high-performance mechanical turkey broadhead designed for hunters who demand the best.

The unique double cross-blade hybrid design ensures maximum cutting power, delivering devastating results to your target. The front .030″ thick fixed blades provide a cutting diameter of 1-⅞” while the previous two tucked-in blades provide a cut of 1-⅛” diameter when they are activated.

In total, 3″ of both vertical and horizontal cutting size is provided by this best turkey broadhead. And making it even better, the solid steel trophy tip provides the necessary crushing power to sideline any bone that comes in contact. However, it only comes in a single 100-grain variant.

G5 Deadmeat 

G5 Deadmeat 


  • 1.5″ Cutting Diameter for large wounds
  • Reliable option 
  • Aerodynamic design


  • Might lack in power at some point

Product Description:

The G5 Deadmeat is also a great option to consider as one of the best turkey broadheads. It has a large 1.5″ cutting diameter for delivering serious blows to your gobblers.

The 3 x 0.04″ thick blades are made of durable stainless steel and here held in place by a SnapLock blade retention system without the need for an O-ring or other support.

Like the above two turkey broadheads, this one also comes with 100 and 125-grain varieties. The set also has a practice head so you don’t need to buy one separately.


RAGE Xtreme Turkey Broadhead

RAGE Xtreme Best Turkey Broadhead


  • Two-blade slip-cam with a meat-hook tip
  • Comes with a shock collar
  • Aerodynamic and stable flight


  • No prominent drawbacks

Product Description 

The Rage Xtreme Turkey broadhead is an amazing option for both beginners and professionals. However, it was made to give a dream start to beginners, making them realize how easier the hunt could be being equipped with all the features for a successful hunt.  

It comes with an anodized aluminum ferrule that helps your broadhead stay safe from corrosion and wear resistance. It has a decent 2 ⅛” cutting diameter, as well as an additional ¾” “meat-hook” tip to inflict maximum damage as soon as it touches the skin.

Wasp Hammer SST 

Wasp Hammer SST 


  • Good cutting diameter
  • Mid ranged price
  • Better penetration


  • Not recommended for beginners

Product Description 

If you have a mid-range budget, we recommend this fixed-blade turkey broadhead. The Wasp Hammer is forged out of pure heat-treated stainless steel that is tough, corrosion-resistant, and hardened to the strength of Rockwell 46C.

It has an amazing 1-3/16 inch cutting diameter due to the three fixed .027″ thick razor blades that maximize penetration during the first impact.

You can clearly not compare it with amazing options like the Bullhead or Nap spitfire. However, we consider it a great option for people who prefer the dependability of fixed-blade broadheads.

Muzzy Trocar HBX Hybrid 

Muzzy Trocar HBX


  • Hybrid design with 4 blades
  • Rear deploying blades open reliably
  • Great penetration with its trocar tip
  • It has a snaplock collar


  • Complicated to reuse
  • The four blades can affect the accuracy due to wind resistance

Product Description 

If it weren’t for the above options, Muzzy trocar could easily be one of the best broadheads for turkey. This hybrid features two fixed razor blades and two mechanical rear-deploying blades.

They are closed in flight with a simple friction washer and open when they hit the target providing a cutting diameter of 1-5/8″. Not only that, they are supported by a Trocar chisel tip that helps provide maximum penetration deep inside the target

Final Words 

Summing up, the market of broadheads is constantly evolving. All the companies are trying to produce amazing products, and at the end of the day, it’s the hunter’s benefit. 

Please remember that it’s not about the price or reputation of a product, but it’s about how you use it. If a turkey broadhead doesn’t match your requirements or hunting style, don’t ever consider purchasing it because it will always disappoint you. Try to match the broadhead specifications with your requirements and you will get a better result.

We hope you liked this article, and it will make your selection of the best turkey broadheads easier. 


Yes, a heavier broadhead has dozens of advantages over a light broadhead, especially in larger games. We all know that heavier broadheads are good for breaking the turkey’s mass, but the real problem is for beginners, as it can be hard to provide a perfect shot. 

Turkeys are most active during the dawn and dusk, also known as the crepuscular periods. Generally, they move out in the morning and spend the daytime and night in loafing covers. If you want to hunt them, then early morning would be much better.  

Turkeys are omnivorous, and a large variety of food can easily attract them. To try, you can offer these birds by giving them cracked corn or mixed bird seeds.  

Furthermore, there are also different options in which you can feed them, but these are the most affordable ones. 

Weight, durability, cutting diameter, and accuracy are some important features worth looking at before purchasing a turkey broadhead. Do remember that there is no fixed value for this accuracy and weight. It depends on what type of crossbow you are using.

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